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The Alyseum MS-812 is an embedded computer board with integral 32 bits processing paths, using Ethernet network to Convert MIDI or CopperLan messages to CV and digital control voltages as used in modular and analog synthesizers.

- The MS-812 offers 8 high-resolution CV outputs (octal 16 bits converter) and 12 digital outputs.
- A dual SYNC24 interface is included as an alternative function on digital output jacks.
- The MS-812 is supplied ready to use, the actual linking is managed via the CopperLan Manager software.  This freeware tool is also used to monitor the status of all CopperLan computers and equipment. The module can be controlled from any computer anywhere in the network.
A blue LED flashes with incoming notes and two red LEDs do the same for clock flows 1 and 2.   This will help the user by giving a visual cue of the activity on these connections
Features in MIDI mode:
   •    Modular MIDI interface to 8 CV Out and 12 Digital output.
   •    100% MIDI compatible via CopperLan and/or MS-4.
   •    Free assignment of MIDI channels and controllers.
   •    Full MIDI range (128 notes= 0 to plus 10 Volts 2/3).
   •    Multiple simultaneous clock outputs.
   •    MIDI to SYNC 24 converter.
   •    Direct Eurorack power supply interfacing without adapter.
   •    100 Base-T Ethernet interface with shielded RJ-45.
   •    Auto-MDIX allows using straight-trough or cross-over UTP cable.
   •    Eurorack 18 HP wide
Features in CopperLan mode:
Same as MIDI mode, plus:
   •    Full CopperLan pitch range (from minus to plus 10 Volts 2/3).
   •    Octal high-resolution D/A converter - 16 bits from Analog Device.
   •    Each CV Out can be used as note, setting or modulation.
   •    Each DIG Out can be assigned as a Gate, Clock, Reset, control
   •    Voice ID management.
   •    Upgrading the firmware is done via the network.
   •    Free:  VST/AU plugin allowing hi-resolution control & automation