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Quad Probabilistic
Gate Skipper

Skipmin has four inputs that pass gate/trigger signals through to their corresponding outputs based on a probability factor from 0-100%. The higher the percentage, the more likely incoming gates will pass through to the output — the lower the percentage, the less likely they will pass through.

This simple architecture enables the generation of intricate and vacillating rhythmic structures. When an incoming signal falls within audio rate, Skipmin produces complex and dynamic pulse-width modulation-like effects. Illuminated knobs and mute outputs provide the feedback and control that make Skipmin ideal for real-time use in performance.


  • Four input channels, each is normalled from left to right.
  • Inputs accept any gate or trigger signals between 0–10V.
  • Skip knob per channel controls probability from 0% (completely off) to 100% (all gates/triggers pass through).
  • Mute button per channel disconnects the corresponding output channel. Mute status is indicated by LED illumination of corresponding skip knob.
  • Output per channel passes a 0 to +5V gate/trigger.
  • Output gate length mirrors input gate length.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: +12V (no draw on -12V or +5V rails)
  • Power Draw: 50mA max
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 23mm (33mm with connected power cable)


View/Download the Skipmin manual at this link.


  • Price: $150 USD + shipping
  • Includes Skipmin module, 16-pin to 10-pin power cable, two black M3 screws (8mm length), two black nylon washers.