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Back by popular demand, the SubMix6 CV / Audio Mixer is an improved concept over the original SubMix7. Featuring 6 active/buffered inputs, with linear attenuators, with two dedicated mix outputs labeled A and B, and one dedicated SubMix output labeled AB.

Mix Option: (Available Simultaneously)

(2) 3 inputs x 1 output x (1) submix output
(1) 6 inputs x 1 output
That's half the functionality of the original SubMix in less than a quarter of the size!

The SubMix 6 was designed with the intention of sub-mixing the waveform outputs from VCO's. Passive Mixers tend to function more like waveform "on/off" switches with little in between for mixing options. With active inputs, the load on the summing bus stays constant and you get a smoother, more gradual mix, regardless of the load on the input.

The SubMix6 is CV and audio friendly, keeping in mind you will have offset/clipping if you use the submix output of the mixers that are mixing AC (Audio) and DC (Control) signals at the same time.

You can also take advantage of the submix output and experiment with feedback loops!


Twin 3 input mixers with dedicated outputs
Submix output sums both mixers, allowing 6 input mixing
All outputs are available simultaneously
Active/buffered inputs
Linear attenuators
Feedback loop functionality
Skiff friendly

8HP, +/-12Vdc @TBD mA