The Harvestman

Malgrorithm v.1 [used]


Used - $220.00

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Malgorithm is the world's first voltage-controlled bitcrusher.

Both bit depth and sampling rate are independently controllable by knob or control voltage. Additionally, a primitive digital waveshaper can make your signal hurt, with eight different modes (and optional rectification afterwards.)

Use the Malgorithm to bring external signals into aesthetic compliance with the rest of the Harvestman system. Enable eloquence through spectral profanity.


20kHz maximum sampling rate, down to 200Hz
8 bits maximum resolution, down to 1 bit

10Vpp signal output
Input attenuation. Hard analog clipping on hot signals if desired.
Voltage controlled bit depth and sampling rate with attenuators. Manual control/CV offset.
Control voltages are processed at the same priority as audio input.
Toggle switches for rectification of signal, as well as destructive bitwise waveshaping: conditional bit-swap and XOR feedback functions.
Panel size: 9HP
Current consumption: 50ma or less