Strakal Brulu {re greñv eo} Red/Alu


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The Strakal Brulu {re greñv eo} is a versatile Voltage Controlled Transistor Germanium fuzz for the Eurorack format.

Very characteristic for the module´s sound if the feedback that is coupled to the feedback. The more fuzz, the more feedback – the Strakal Brulu 2 can get pretty nasty and it screams a lot at high fuzz settings and low input level. The fuzz amount can be voltage controlled. Input and output levels can be set separately and especially the input level affects the Strakal Brulu 2´s behavior a lot.

Features :

  • 8hp / Red/Alu panel
  • selected nos russian germanium transistors
  • input/output volume / feedback / fuzz with cv control
  • handy knobs for controlling chaos
  • eurorack standard supply, red facing down
  • hand-wired, boutique quality, made in plougastel-daoulas.
  • stupid breton name